Ballyhoura Mountain Mushrooms

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Lucy Deegan and Mark Cribbin make a shiitake mushroom soup that would secure the fate of nations. Up there in the hills of North Cork, up in Ballyhoura, they grow mushrooms and demonstrate, in the most dynamic and creative way, just what you can do with them. Nice fresh oysters and shiitakes; beautiful mushroom powders; mighty pates; delicious cep oils; terrific mushroom pestos.

And that mushroom soup: dark, lingering, beefy, intense, silky, umami. The country is gone to the dogs, you say? Taste this. See? It isn't gone to the dogs just yet.

Ms Deegan – a Scot – and Mr Cribbin – a Dub – have between them enough degrees and doctorates to paper the inside of the Honan Chapel. Their smarts show in everything they produce, and they are at present mere beginners in producing mushrooms - there are so many plans are in development in Ballyhoura that you could paper the inside of the Honan Chapel with them. This is such an exciting adventure: get on board early.