The Omegas...

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If feedback is proof of what folk are concerned about, then the balance in our bodies between Omega-3s and the nasty Omega-6s is something that is of much concern to people today.
After our piece appeared, Audrey Deane and Penny Doyle sent us a copy of The Top 100 Omega-3 Recipes, published by Duncan Baird publishers.
This is a useful book, very cleanly and simply laid out, and it shows, above all, how easy it is to get the omega-3s into your diet: smoked trout and poached egg on toast; tapenade bruschetta; crab cakes; mackerel fillets with citrus salsa. The book is really useful at giving a broad range of dishes that will get those necessary Omegas into your system.

Barrie Rogers then wrote to us from Waterford, enclosing some MILA; The Miracle Seed, a product he has started importing into Ireland from the Lifemax company. Mr Rogers personally claims many health improvements as a result of using MILA, which is the seed Salvia Hispanica L.
Mila claims to have the highest combination of Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fibre and phytonutrients of any food on the planet – 7 times more Omega-3s than salmon, they say. It's a tiny, tasteless seed which you can sprinkle on your porridge or mix into a smoothie. I can't claim personally to have noticed a marked improvement in energy levels as yet, but let's give it time.