In A Nutshell, in a nutshell

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Eamon Barrett admires the chutzph and energy of the New Ross star.

Philp and Patsy Rogers' lovely In A Nutshell cafe and health food store is well extablished in New Ross as a beacon of all things good and wholesome - not to mention the super food served in the cafe. Faced with the same difficulties that the economic environment is having on every restaurant in the country Patsy's plan of action is no surprise - she's out in the fields with the farmers, sourcing her ingredients direct from the grower, saving herself money and ensuring that she continues to have access to the very best produce while protecting her bottom line. Her daily menu now includes dishes designed to suit these more stringent times: Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash and Tomato soup with bread and house pâté €8.95 or Soup of Your choice with Potted fresh and smoked salmon, a green salad and a brown scone for €9.95 are sure to keep any further crunch to your credit at bay. Other dishes are more illustrative of the scope of Patsy's abilities in the kitchen: Trofie Liguiri tossed in organic olive oil with basil pesto and garlic topped with smoked chicken, chorizo, sun dried tomato and olives is typical of the flavoursome and ambitious cookery that the cafe puts out. Desserts continue the high quality: bread and butter pudding was soft and delicious. Good coffees, lovely staff and the place is just spotless. Out front there's a cornucopia of choice from the shop - smoothies, health food, spices, fresh sandwiches, chocolate, cakes. This is a great place.

In A Nutshell
8 South Street, New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland. t: 051 422 777