The People The Country Needs: Michael O'Callaghan

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On the one side you have the behemoths of the GM industry. Monsanto et al, with their bevy of PR lackeys and their colossal corporate and dollar clout.
And, on the oher side, you have Michael O'Callaghan of GM-free Ireland.
Goliath and David isn't in it.
But Mr O'Callaghan is doughty, determined, and direct. He fights the good fight against the evils of GM from the moral high ground, the high ground that says this technology has nothing whatsoever to do with food, and everything to do with corporate greed. Day after day he collates the call and response of this GM battle and sends it out to folk like us who lap it up and who rely on it to stay informed.
And, every so often, he sends something really funny, like this:

Or something smart and witty and eye-opening, like this:

The GM-free Ireland Network is a precious thing, and you should give it your support. When you read something like Kerry Trueman's piece, as noted above, you understand the divisive forces in American agri-business, and you realise the moral vacuum in which these people work.
Michael O'Callaghan works in the real, moral world. Join him there, and save agriculture and farming for our children.