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  • Ely

Speaking of Cool People, as we were with Barack and Michelle, brings us to Michelle and Erik, founders of Dublin's blessed trinity of ELY winebars.
Mr and Mrs Robson have, for ten years now, proven themselves to be brilliant restaurateurs, with an intuitive understanding of what people want and how they want it. And that is why ELY, ELY CHQ and ELY HQ work. They serve us the things we want, the way we want them: fine wines, good food, great surroundings.
Ten years ago, they opened on Ely Place with that simple mantra. Ten years later, that mantra is made to work each and every day in all three ELYs
They have proven in their work that Cool can mean modest, hard-working, understated, generous. They show that Cool can be a part of everything you do: the wines you select and the way you serve them; the attitude and grace of your staff; the design of the rooms in which you work; the confidence to keep things simple, but genuine. That is Cool. That is The Cool.
And now, with a stunning book, “the wine and food of ely through the seasons”, they take that Cool to another level. This is a landmark book in Irish food publishing. It is pure gorgeous. The food is amazing. The wine writing is concise and wears its learning lightly. It is witty, and often downright funny. It is everything that ELY represents, on the printed page.
It is The Cool.