Holy Moley it's, it's... Ed Behr in the FT!

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  • Ed Behr

Who says we have lost the power to be shocked and surprised?
Well, you could have knocked us over with a feather when we sifted through the many sections of Saturday's Financial Times only to discover that there, ON THE COVER OF THE FT WEEKEND MAGAZINE, is none other than... Ed Behr, maverick publisher of the world's greatest and most cult food quarterly, The Art Of Eating.
Ed Behr! On the cover of the FT! Well, stone me! Stone us all!
Ed Behr from Peacham, Vermont. 6 hours north of New York. Ed Behr of TAofE. Subscribership: 6,000 hungry souls, scattered throughout the world.
Ed Behr! The new Poster Boy for serious food lovers!
What next? Ed Behr on Oprah? Ed Behr on David Letterman? Ed Behr presents the Oscars (©).
A sign, if ever there was one, that 2009, with a new president and now Ed Behr on the cover of the FT magazine, is going to be one hell of a good year.
Of course, if you aren't a subscriber to The Art of Eating, then you aren't at the races, and you won't have a great 2009.
So, save your soul, and subscribe now: www.ArtofEating.com. And if you missed the magazine, you can read Joshua Chaffin's fine profile on www.ft.com, in the Weekend section.