Gubbeen White Pudding

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  • Tom Ferguson

Friday morning, Bantry market, and Sebastian at the Gubbeen stall has something new – these guys always have something new! But here are some Gubbeen savoury puddings, both a black and a white pudding. So, we ask for a piece of white pud, which is shaped in the small horse-shoe shapes we love, but which are becoming less common these days.
Sunday morning,and the pud is cooked, and served with some scrambled eggs. Reader, it is to die for: quite a dense texture, and not at all crumbly, packed tight into the casing. But what is amazing is the hammy-ness of the flavour: has it been cooked in a ham stock when it was being poached?
We do not know, and as much as we need to know is that this is the most distinctive new pudding we have tried in ages, and we kicked ourselves because we hadn't bought a piece of black pudding also, something we shall rectify at the next Friday market. Look out for the puddings at the Gubbeen market stalls throughout Cork, and contact them at the smokehouse for details of any other retailers.