Cuberoll Steak of Hereford Beef

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  • Deverell's

So, just what is cuberoll steak?
We had a couple of pieces from Ivor Deverell's splendid Farm Factory Direct in Offaly, but had to go trawling through the web to discover that cuberoll steak is actually a trimmed rib-eye steak.
So, what did we do with them? We fried them in butter and oil over high heat, tossed in some garlic cloves and a big sprig of rosemary when we turned them, then let them rest and added some wine to the pan to make a garlicky, rosemary gravy. After the cuberolls had rested, we sliced them, and spooned the gravy over the top.
It all took about eight minutes, four for cooking, four for resting. The flavour of the cuberoll, from Hereford animals, was amazing. So, do check out the Deverell family's splendid operation: and get some of that good Hereford beef, and some Offaly lamb, onto your dinner plate.