Cooking the Constitution

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  •  Samak Sundaravej

We read in today's newspaper that Samak Sundaravej, prime minister of Thailand, faces prosecution because he continued with his popular television cookery programme, Cooking, Grumbling, after being elected prime minister.
The “beleagueared right-winger and gourmet spent an hour in the witness box, defending the television show, Cooking, Grumbling, a mix of tips on traditional Thai cooking” reports The Gurdian. Sorry, the Grauniad
Let us henceforth and without delay enact an amendment to Bunreacht Na hEireann that no Irish politician can become Taoiseach UNLESS they have hosted a television cookery programme.
After the Lisbon farce, this amendment would surely garner massive public support, especially if the Taoisech also agreed to appear on The Afternoon Show, offering some culinary tips.
Cullen's Cooking!?
Kenny's Kebab's!?
Gormley's Green Gourmet!?
At Terra Madre, the President revealed that she did a Ballymaloe Cookery Course.
The way is clear. Let the nation unite around a Taoiseach who can wield a mean wok.