Cheekpoint Village Fun

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A wee note from our Waterford editor, Eamon Barrett, shows how to conclude the school holidays with a bang!:

We had a little village festival in Cheekpoint yesterday, the highlight of which was a crab fishing event for children - Julie made up fishing lines using those little nets from the washing machine, some sticks and some line, put out of date rashers in the bags and we give the kids 30 minutes of fishing time off the wall in Cheekpoint. Would you believe we had 92 entrants from a village of only 300 population. The winner caught 49 crabs in the 30 minutes. Great buzz.

49 crabs in half an hour! Awesome! Next year, can we suggest that after the crabs are caught, the youngsters have to prepare that great seafood delicacy: dressed crab.

And then back to school this morning...