Terre Madre Waterford

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A note from Dianne Curtin of Slow Food West Cork. Take it away Dianne...

I mentioned Terra Madre Waterford 2008. I now urge you as committed members of Slow Food Ireland to look at the website, www.terramadreireland.com, see what events are taking place, and most importantly, to sign up for one of the 40 workshops already confirmed. And do bring a friend or two! This conference will be the at the cutting edge of changing food policy in this country and it is up to all of us to support it and help make it a success. We need well attended workshops with lively discussion, that will form the backbone of a major document presented to Ministers for perusal after the event. Come and meet those who can make change in the food industry of this country. The policy makers will be there, along with many other influential faces, and this is your chance to have your say. You can also contribute by joining the on line forum on the website. !

Please browse the site and remember - as with all Slow Food events - this Conference will fulfill the Slow Food philosophy in every way - combining the essential elements of gastronomy, education, and fun! There are lots of things going on over the weekend and it promises to be a real extravanganza of the celebration of good food. Your contribution and attendance will help make it the success it deserves to be, and in turn, help to influence how food is produced, prepared and sold in Ireland.

Best regards,

Dianne Curtin

West Cork Slow Food Convivium
Co. Cork

Web Site: www.slowfoodireland.com