Refined Defined

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You can't top a book Like Pizza Defined, but that doesn't mean that you can't free-associate with ideas whenever you are cooking the book's recipes.
When some friends and their kids were around last week and we were making some of Bernadette's classics, we just happened to find ourselves with some cooked beetroot – no way the kids were eating that, of course – and a few anchovies.
Would it work? Well, there was plenty of goat's cheese being used with the other pizzas, and goat's cheese likes beetroot, and goat's cheese likes anchovies, and we had nothing to lose. The beets were chopped, the cheese sliced, the anchovies rinsed and placed on top and we fired it into the oven with the pizza peel.
Did it work? It sure did: these three elements are superb together.
So, when you have all the pizzas from PD cooked, don't be afraid to head off on a pizza skite of your own