Vendemia in Kilknny

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  • Urs and Helen Tobler

Urs and Helen Tobler, of Kilkenny's splendid Vendemia Wines, write...

Just to let you know that we have opened an organic wine bar in Kilkenny. We thought it would be the best way to showcase our wines and so far we have had no complaints! We opened quietly in January and the learning curve continues!
We must be the only organic and biodynamic wine-bar in Ireland!
It is called Cafe del Vino and as the name suggests we also serve a light lunch menu and organic coffee and tea, as well as local cheeses and charcuterie. We are in the Butterslip in Kilkenny and are so pleased to have found such a perfect setting for a wine-bar.

All the best
Helen Tobler

If you can't make it to Ireland's most handsome city this summer, then do check out Helen and Urs' splendid website to source their truly idiosyncratic, signature wines: