Belle Notte, Dungarvan, County Waterford

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Our man in the Sunny South-East eats Italian: a concise review from Eamon Barret.

Did Belle Notte in Dungarvan last night and it was a pleasant surprise.
The menu is very run of the mill Irish-Italian, lots of dishes with cream but the execution of some of the dishes threw up some surprising authenticity. Caprese starter for me was just mozarella, basil and tomato, well flavoured and not mucked about with. Similarly a bruschetta was made with good toasted bread and nicely chopped tomatos.
My pal David was with me and his main course of tortellini with bacon and peas with cream looked heavy but was quite clean tasting. My spaghetti della casa was just some spaghetti coated in tomato with italian sausage and olive oil. Again it surprised me, not dumped with tomato, just coated it was tasty.
Italian owner, I Pagliacci playing in the backround, plain surroundings, undertrained Irish staff, all positive comments from the customers around us, it's a good local restaurant, a good entry for the next Food Guide. Total cost €53.40 including 2 bottles of San Pellegrino and 2 coffees so value is strong.

And an extra 10 points – no, make that 100 points – from me for not playing Andrea Bocelli, restaurateurs and hoteliers please note!