Alienating Two Generations in One

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My thanks to a reader who sent in the following, which brilliantly shows how to alienate two generations of food lovers in double-quick time. And well done Ricky's Restaurant in 'Clon, who showed just how to capture two generations of food lovers in double-quick time.

Just a comment re a West Cork pub/restaurant which we visited recently on a visit to Clonakilty.
4 adults and 4 children ventured in at around 6.00 on the Friday after Easter. Two of the children were in buggies, 2 were 5 & 4 but quiet and well-behaved. We were drawn in, in part, by the amount of Bridgestone plaques on the door outside.
Now, we are cognisant of the fact that two buggies can be bothersome, but this was a pub after all, not a restaurant, we were looking for a quick bite to eat, it was quite early and although pleasantly busy, the pub was not packed.
I have never been treated as rudely in my life. We entered and made our way to a table at the back of the pub, out of the way or so we thought. I asked if they had a high chair, a very pleasant young man went to look for one. However, in the meantime, what looked like a manager arrived over and barked "you're right in the way of the food there! Disassemble please!". The table was quite close to the kitchen door. We duly packed up and looked for another seat. There was plenty of space but no seat was quite suitable. As we discussed whether to put the two older children at their own table or let the two fathers sit at the bar, the manager stood in the middle of the floor flanked by a waitress, staring at us.
At no point did anyone offer to help. At no point did they offer to rearrange a table slightly, advise us to come back later, or even say that unfortunately they couldn't take us. It was made no secret of that the sooner we were out the better. We took the hint. I have seen travellers treated this way before - I have never experienced anything like it myself.
We took ourselves to Ricky's where we were welcomed with open arms, our children were given crayons, and we had a delicous meal.
West Cork pub/restaurants may have wonderful food, but let them at least be honest about it and put a sign on the door stating that children are not welcome - or weren't in this case at any rate.