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  • T.J. Crowe

We call him “The Smiliest Pork Butcher”, because he never has a big grin off his face, but we could also call T.J. Crowe of Tipperary one of the great unsung heroes of pork production in Ireland.

Mr Crowe expertly slaughters the prime pigs from folk like Knockatullera Farm and Rigney's Farmhouse and from Sharon Shore in Tipp, thereby giving us superlative pork in a world of inedible pork meat. But, whilst he is always a busy man, TJ has also been working hard at his own gig. Last October he wrote to tell us that “I have been busy recently getting new branding together, my products will now be sold under the name Crowe's Farm, my emphasis will be on Dry Cure Rashers, Bacon Pieces and high pork content, colour free sausages, so hopefully they will be on a shelf near you soon! My brother will soon be getting his first two breeding sows also, so that is exciting as up to this we've only finished pigs ourselves, so we'll be able to control all stages of production”.

Well, the good news its that Crowe's Farm bacon and bangers are with us, handsomely packaged and labelled, and they are only mighty. The bacon is tender and sweet, with the most superb texture. And the sausages are only terrific: these pristine pork packages remind us of the very meaty Northern Ireland style of sausage, which is the highest compliment we can pay it.
To get T.J.'s brilliant artisan pork on your own shelves or into your fridge, contact him on 06271137 info@crowefarm.ie www.crowefarm.ie

And just think of the smile behind every slice!