Galway Stags

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We get all sorts of interesting queries at Bridgestone Central, and the following was particularly intriguing:

“I am in need of advice for a posh stag do in Galway. Groom is wine buff and excellent cook and loves good food, wine, conversation and will bring 7 of his closest pals. He needs a place to stay and somewhere to eat and linger. This is not a drunken stag do but a group of good friends. Any suggestions?”

Well, what would you do for a wine buff, serious cook and lover of good food? Here was what we quickly proposed:

We would stay in The House Hotel: wonderfully central and good value.
Ard Bia at Nimmo's is a good choice for eating, but with a decent group it might be fun to ask them to create a menu in either Oscar's – whacky but serious cooking and a good room for celebrating – or ask if Kappa-ya would open for a food-loving group – the best Japanese cooking in Ireland, but a very simple room that maybe isn't great for lingering, though you could ask them to do some sake sampling with each course, which is serious fun. Kappa doesn't normally open for dinner; they only do it by arrangement.
Drinks before in Sheridan's on the Docks, of course. Hangovers cured in Delight the next morning.

Thankfully, we weren't asked which lamp posts would be most suitable for tying someone up, or the best places to buy cans of shaving foam and nurse's uniforms. Phew!