Talking Turkey

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The news that one of Ireland's most outstanding artistes, Dustin the Turkey, may represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest, has sent a frisson of excitement through the country.
Of course, there are doubters.
“We had a turkey of an entry last year”, they say. “Do we really want another turkey so soon?”.
To which the answer is: “Yes!”.
We need Dustin to carry the flag to Serbia, we need him to sing his song, “Irelande douze points”, and we need him to come back with the trophy or cup or spoon or whatever you get, and to then take his place in Irish public life with a new Presidential campaign, for who can ever forget his last Presidential rallying cluck: “Up the Aras!”.
New slogans are needed for the Eurovision campaign.
Can we propose: “I'm Bustin' for Dustin!”.
Or perhaps, Chemical Brothers-style: “In Dust' We Trust!”.
So, organize your Dustin Party now to seize the moment on February 23rd when the nation will be glued to the box to hear Dustin and some other no-hopers who are going to come in joint second. Get those text votes in!
Of course, the nibble of choice at the party has to be Turkey Twizzlers.
Served with Red Bull.
Forget Animal Liberation for the moment. The Animal Entertainment Hour has arrived.
In Dust' We Trust.
Johnny Morris would be thrilled.