Bridgestone 100 Best in Dublin on Sat Nav

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We have to say that even the Help Line at Garmin were a bit confused as to how to load a foreign POI file onto one of their own Sat Navs. It took a good bit of to-ing and fro-ing and I'll-ring-you-back-when-I've-spoken-to-my-supervisor, before we finally got a clear understanding of how to load up our .csv file which fluidedge had prepared for Garmin Nuvi sat nav.

So, for those of you still struggling with this new technology, here's how we did it. First we downloaded a POI Loader from the Garmin website ( - good news is it's a free download. Then we opened a new folder on to our computer's documents file. We then saved the Garmin comma separated (csv) file from into this folder. We then opened the POI leader, "found" our sat nav device and browsed our documents file until we came to the saved folder containing the Bridgestone file inside. Crossing fingers and toes, we clicked Continue on the POI Loader and voila! Up came the message "Congratulations! You have successfully installed 101 Points of Interest on your Garmin" (101 points of interest!?) To find the Bridgestone file on the Garmin we navigated to the Extras file on the Where to? bit of the sat nav. It was in a file called Custom POIs.

We have it in mind to create a FAQ section for these pages, so if anyone out there has struggled as much as we have to familiarise themselves with this new tech, do drop us a line.