Getting a Roasting

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  • Jennifer and Tommy Walsh

The great thing about aging is that you no longer care to be thought right. In fact, being proven wrong comes to be a pleasure.
We used to be of the opinion that Illy coffee reigned supreme. A superlative product, we thought it had no equal.
But Illy has equals. Indeed it now has competitors that may well outstrip it in terms of individuality, personality, distinctiveness.
Take Ponaire coffee, for example, roasted by Jennifer and Tommy Walsh in Tipperary. Or take John and Anna Gowan's Cork Coffee Roasters. Or take Michael Kelly's Ariosa coffees, roasted in County Meath, to name but three of the bespoke coffee roasters who are working today in Ireland.
These three are Masters of the Roast, which makes them Masters of the Universe, such is the importance of coffee in our lives. The variety, accuracy and personality of the blends they create is exceptional. This morning we had some of Jennifer and Tommy's “Costa Rican Cottage Blend”, a mix of Costa Rican beans with dark-rosted Colombian Utz Kapeh beans. Beautifully balanced, delicate, suggestive, all that a good cup of coffee should be.
And, not only are these guys great roasters, but they are also great marketeers – check out Ariosa at the temple Bar Market – and creators of great rooms – John and Anna Gowan's Coffee Shop on Bridge Street in Cork city is one of our fave pieces of modern, retro design.
So, we were wrong, thankfully.