Restless Artisans

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“We are still beavering away with a steady trickle of new offerings”, writes Stella Coffey from the much-admired Ladybird Organics, makers of superlative organic meat products.
“We have dry cured rare breed back and streaky rashers, preservative-free farmhouse sausages named after townlands and villages in Co Tipperary (Ballypatrick - 100% pork, nothing added; Ballylooby - parsley and garlic; Ballyhickey - sage and sautéed onion; Ballydavid - red wine and garlic).
Now, isn't that a proud way to behave when you are an artisan producer? One of our plans for 2008 is to convert the nation into the Italian way of thinking about food, which is to say that your define yourself by the food of your region, and you proudly assert that it is better than everyone else's region. Stella and Richard of Ladybird have gotten there before us: hand-made sausage named after Tipp townlands! We like it.
And there's more.
“Beefburgers with chili and coriander, and in two weeks we will launch Well Hung Angus Organic Beef cuts which have been hung for 21 days. Like our other beef products these will be sold frozen. We hope the salami will be ready for Easter!!”
Thank Heavens Easter is early this year.