The Grumpy Bakers

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  • The Grumpy Bakers
  • The Grumpy Bakers
  • The Grumpy Bakers

Sharon Gleeson and her crew do the magic in The Grumpy Bakers. This essential new destination has exploded into the Cork culinary firmament like so much starburst, boasting authentic expertise and razor sharp judgement right across the baking panorama. You might go to TGB for their peerless focaccia, for instance, but the very second that you try their pastéis de nata, you will be heading back for focaccia and pastéis, such is the calm trueness and voluptuousness that Ms Gleeson and her crew bring to their work. It’s not easy to get that perfect wobbling, yielding quality in a custard tart, but in TGB they nail it every time. Their sourcing is superlative, and great local Irish grains find the very best home here in Midleton, baked and confected to perfection by a team of truly hard-working artisans. The Grumpy Bakers produce the happiest customers.

51.9123415, -8.1736961
Sharon Gleeson
Sunnyside House, Broderick Street, Midleton, Co Cork P25 YR58

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