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  • Wildflour Cork
  • Wildflour Cork
  • Wildflour Cork

“We put it out on the counter, and it’s gone”, Chris Fahey told us, still with the exhausted appearance of a guy who can’t quite believe that his bakery, Wildflour, had hit Innishannon like a tornado, ever since Chris finally got the doors open.
“Thank you for coming to Inishannon!” a delighted customer trilled. That’s what everyone says.
Wildflour had previously been an under-the-radar operation in Cork, borrowing the ovens in the Franciscan Well pizzeria, and selling his breads out of the boot of his car, and to good restaurants. Yet Chris Fahey is known by the best restaurants in Cork as the baker du jour. He manages to powerhouse his loaves with an alluring sweetness, and he has one of the best crusts in the business: crust and crumb in a mighty alliance, making for the best sourdough in the county.

Wildflour has already moved on to create signature style sourdoughs based on Irish flour, grown and milled in Ireland, and baked in Ireland by a craft baker. The sausage rolls, of course, are for the Gods: the flakiest pastry embracing sweet sausage meat.

Wildflour is a wild and beautiful thing.

51.7659513, -8.6615494
Inishannon, Co Cork