Burren Brewery

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If you get lucky in life, you might create one masterpiece, one piece of work which can happily be described as transcendent.What, then, do we make of the work of Brigitta and Peter Curtin, because this pair have created not one, not two, but four masterpieces, and all of them are in the little west coast village of Lisdoonvarna, in west County Clare.Peter Curtin’s especial masterpiece, from his Burren Brewery range of craft beers, is a quixotic, mesmerising concoction called Euphoria.Keen historian that he is, Mr Curtin delved deep into history to make Euphoria, which is a Gruit beer, the sort of drink you might have enjoyed back in the 1400s. Using wild yeast from the Hill of the Fairies – this is all true, believe us – Euphoria is a beer made without hops and is flavoured with lemon verbena, lime blossom, rosemary and yarrow. Mr Curtin’s nickname for this unique concoction is “The Happy Beer”. No better name. We would count enjoying a pint of Euphoria as one of the essential experiences of travelling the West Coast of Ireland, because there is no other beer like it: it’s like a psychedelic dream, in a glass. It’s a wild thing.The other Burren Brewery beers are very fine also, not least the delicate bitterness of the Burren Black stout.
There isn’t a better experience to be had anywhere along the West coast of Ireland than to be sat in the Roadside Tavern, with a freshly pulled pint of Burren Brewery Euphoria in your hand, with some music playing, and the good times rolling.

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Peter Curtin
Lisdoonvarna, Co Clare
+353 65 7074084

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