Windsor Home Bakery

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Northern Ireland’s craft bakeries are not just the pride of the Province, they are also the backbone of the culinary culture of the country. When you consider the fate that has befallen specialist craft bakeries in most parts of the world over the last 50 years, the ability of bakeries like the Windsor Home Bakery to not simply survive, but to positively thrive, is almost miraculous. So, how have the Edwards family done it? Skill, is the answer. Skill in the baking, skill in the making. And skill also in knowing how to innovate, whilst also holding on to those breads and cakes that have defined the culture for decades. And there is skill also in the service, in its charm and helpfulness, its modesty and determination to be the best. Put that skill set to work in every department, and you get the Windsor Home Bakery, a vital craft bakery that makes everybody’s life better.


54.34987, -6.26945
John Edwards
36-38 Newry Street, Banbridge BT32 3HA
+44 28 4062 3666