Neighbourhood Cafe

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  • Neighbourhood Cafe Belfast
  • Neighbourhood Cafe Belfast
  • Neighbourhood Cafe Belfast

Belfast’s Neithbourhood is probably the most beautiful eating room in Ireland.
There’s just one flaw: the designer omitted to include a large shelf for the raft of design awards that they will scoop up over the next three years.
Epic fail, we guess. They can always hang the gongs from the ceiling.
The design is the work of Ryan Crown, one of the owners, and Crown's precise perfectionism is matched by the work of owner Oisin McEvoy, formerly manager at Established Coffee. The design is sublime, the food is crazy good, and the place is jammers. 
Even the name is on point: Neighborhood feels like the centre of the universe, the place where it is all happening, the room with the vibe, the room with the great soundtrack – we will listen to Al Green and Talking Heads all day long – and the room with the perfect coffee: Calendar Coffee from way out west in Oughterard.
So, we ate eggs benedict on Spontaneous DeuCe croissant; the breakfast bap with scrambled eggs, smoked cheese and aioli; the mushrooms with leek rarebit on sourdough toast; and the Spring salad of creamed beans and almond dukkah with asparagus and kale. Every bite was a delight.
Neighborhood is directly across the street from St Anne’s Cathedral. But, you know: be modern, worship food.

60 Donegall St, Belfast