MacNean House & Restaurant

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There are no fewer than 58 separate pieces of kitchenware and tableware in the “Cook with Neven Maguire” range offered by one of Ireland’s major food retailers. The range is proof of Mr Maguire’s unique position in Irish gastronomy, for here is a guy who has transcended his humble origins in a humble Irish border village to achieve genuine celebrity status: Neven is a national treasure, the sort of bloke with whom Taoisigh want to have their photograph taken. He may have transcended the kitchen, but he hasn’t left it, and Maguire has built a fine team around him, not least head chef Carmel McGirr who has worked with him for two decades. The cooking in the MacNean is polished and assured, the team are delightful, the experience of eating and staying is unique, and Mr Maguire still has his feet firmly planted in little Blacklion village.

54.290731, -7.878227
Neven Maguire
Blacklion, County Cavan
+353 71 985 3022

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