The Lodge at Ashford Castle

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Mayo’s emergence as a food destination has happened because its chefs and artisans work in lockstep, supporting each other, and offering the visitor the true taste of the county once you are within the Mayo borders. Jonathan Keane brings this proud locavorism straight to the table at Wilde’s, showcasing local stars whilst also adding in his own foraged and pickled contributions, and it makes for lovely eating – scallops with poached pear; wild wood pigeon with elderberry; halibut with oyster mayonnaise. What further distinguishes Wilde’s is the fact that they have proper menus for vegans and children, and the breakfast menu pays further tribute to great local foods, and is one of the best in the country It makes for an hotel that strives to look after every guest and, if you can stay the night, the rooms are exceptional.

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Colin Brown (Hotel Manager)
Cong, Co Mayo
+ 353 94 954 5400