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Eimer Rainsford's Honey Truffle café is all about goodness. “Only Good Things” they promise, and they deliver on that promise.
There is goodness in the cooking and the baking, of course. And there is also goodness in how you feel when you eat Honey Truffle food. The dishes are warming, unpretentious, understated, fired by an array of subtle seducers, like the tongue-tickling dried raspberries on their classic brownie, or the caramelised onion hummus in their superfood pitta, or the house ketchup served with their fine crispy sausage roll, or the cranberry and port sauce with which they layer up their stonking festive season sandwich.
Eimer’s attention to the small details was a characteristic of the cooking in Avoca, when she was part of the team that powered the chain to glory. Today she heads up an equally talented crew, a team who really understand food, and it's a pleasure to watch these guys do their job, and a pleasure to sit outside on Pearse Street with a good cup of Bailie’s coffee, enjoying the good things. Unlike other cafés who are content to become Ottolenghi-facsimilies, Honey Truffle is the real deal, a café that exudes integrity, authenticity and character, the place that produces the good things.

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Eimer Rainsford
45 Pearse Street, Dublin 2
+353 1 5377766