Hickey's Bakery and Cafe

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Some great food people know how to allow the past and the present to exist together seamlessly, and Nuala Hickey is one of those people. Her Clonmel bakery and café combine traditional baking, and traditional dishes, with a contemporary sense of invention and innovation. Of course, with some classics such as their elemental barm brack, there is no need to innovate with this most signature of Tipperary creations. The Hickey’s bakery barm brack is the standard bearer, the primus inter pares of ‘Tipp barm bracks. It is moist, fruit-dense, delicate yet robust, and slathered with a modest overcoat of good butter, there isn’t a batter thing to eat in Ireland. The Café is just as singular and charming, another elemental space where good people make good things in order to make other people happy. Hickey’s = Happiness, simple as that.

52.3523698, -7.7083099
Nuala Hickey
West Gate, Clonmel, Co Tipperary
+353 52 6121587

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