Hen's Teeth

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Bicep. Burial. Caribou. Cabaret Voltaire. Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft.
Okay, do they know their music in Hen’s Teeth, or do they what! And that’s just A to D of vinyl in one section of the crates.
The HT crew have all the patient perfectionism of Wes Anderson, and they have arranged this gallery-deli-restaurant-coffee shop-meeting space with all the artful introspection and sense of irony that the great filmmaker brings to his movies. Hens Teeth is a lovely space, whether you are browsing the crafts and t-shirts and prints, or sitting down for some coffee or food. It’s a riot of colour and carefully chosen items that together make a bricolage of modern beauty. Of course, because Hen’s Teeth is in the rapidly transforming Blackpitts, writers tend to resort to the hipster vocabulary to try to describe what they do. But HT is more than just an attitude, as one look at the foods and wines for sale will quickly tell you. The cooking has a sure grasp of what it wants to be, from bratwurst roll with curry ketchup to Connemara mussels with nduja broth, and everything in Hen’s Teeth syncs smartly and soulfully.