Galtee Honey Farm

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Micheál and Aoife Mac Giolla Coda produce beautiful honeys, and have been doing so for the last fifty years. Their 170 hives of pure native black bees range over the county borders of Cork, Limerick and Tipperary, all the better that the bees can distill the floral essence of the Galtee Vee Valley. The raw honeys are things of rare purity, with the bees feasting on horse chestnut, blackberry blossom, clover, heather and hawthorn amidst a plethora of flora. No sugar is added to the honey, and it is not pasteurised. In an age of hyper-processed food, the Galtee honeys are a most valuable antidote, a food for your health, for your micro-biome, a food for your senses, for these are wondrously complex, organoleptically exciting honeys. Aoife and Micheal are both bee keeping lecturers, so their expertise is formidable. They offer group tours at the Honey Farm, when you can taste three different honeys whilst learning all about the wondrous world of the bee. We reckon their immersive, 2-hour programme, with a maximum of 10 people, is the perfect day out, and a chance to taste 6 honeys whilst learning everything about the world of bee-keeping. Like many other artisans who work with and in the natural world, Aoife and Micheal are filled with a sense of wonderment, and a true humility. And when you get a taste of these superb honeys, you will taste that very wonderment on your tongue.

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Micheál and Aoife Mac Giolla Coda
Chair, Burncourt, Co Tipperary, E21 YR64
+353 87 6743030