Corrigan's Butchers

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  • Corrigan's Butchers, Drumcondra

If you were a smart estate agent and needed a barometer to understand how stable property values were in a neighborhood, all you need to do is to check out whether the area has a local, long-lived butcher’s shop serving the needs of the people. Somewhere like Corrigan’s Butchers.
Jason Corrigan’s shop is the sort of specialist meat store that creates and sustains a true neighborhood. This pristine shop, and its devoted customers, is the sort of bedrock destination around which a real sense of community is created, and it’s impossible to think of Drumcondra without recognising the part that the Corrigan family have played in making this one of the best-loved districts, and one of the most distinctive districts, on Dublin’s Northside.
In other zones, people discuss the importance of anchor tenants. But shops like Corrigan’s are actually much more than anchor tenants. Their interaction with their community, their involvement and contribution to both the culinary culture and the social culture of Drumcondra is almost impossible to measure, because it is so enduring and sustaining. If James Joyce were walking around the city and writing today, you can be sure he would stroll down Drumcondra and see fit to pay tribute to the team at Corrigan's in a pithy little sentence.
Jason and his team know their customers, and know what their customers want and need, and they prepare and serve their meats and many other essential foods in the most charming way imaginable, something they also do at their shop in Finglas.
So the next time that you are sitting at the dinner table, enjoying something delicious that you bought from Corrigan’s, just reflect on how much they improve not only the value of your life, and think as well about how much they contribute to improving the value of your house.

53.3717094, -6.3231245
Jason Corrigan
DRUMCONDRA: 90 Drumcondra Road Upr, Drumcondra, Dublin 9 D09Y409 FINGLAS: 1 Fitzmaurice Road, Finglas East, Dublin D11 FYH3
00353 1 561 6611 (Drumcondra) 01 834 4643 (Finglas)