Bread 41

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Right from the day he opened Bread 41 – and we were customers on that first day in September 2018 – it was obvious that Eoin Cluskey wasn’t going to be running any manner of conventional bakery. Bread 41 ambitions were big – if Cluskey was going to bake a croissant, he was going to transform it into a tiramisu croissant stuffed with espresso-soaked sponge fingers and topped with mascarpone cream and chocolate curls. If he was going to bake a pizza for their pizza nights, then it would be a margherita with a sourdough crust and with kimchi mayo and Parmesan fondue. Eoin Cluskey has the wired-up energy of a crazy dude and, somehow, he manages to transmit that energy directly into his baking in Bread 41. There’s nothing else like it.

53.3447564, -6.2539715
41 Pearse Street, Dublin 2
+353 87 2977284