Black Cat

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Joanna and Leon offer nothing less than a blessed trinity of wine-tapas-jazz in the slinky Black Cat, and that trinity of temptations is just about as fine a thing as you will find in Salthill. What we also love about Black Cat is the raffish, bohemian coolness this pair exude and create, which is quite delightful. Superb sourcing underpins smart small and larger plate menus – black pudding croquettes with thyme and mustard mayo; calamari with lime aioli; garbanzo stew; monkfish and chips with tartare – and there is super food for the little kittens in your care. A stylish refurb has gifted the Cat with slinky getaway rooms, just the place to rest your head after a night of wine-tapas and jazz. Bring it on.

53.2600289, -9.0778178
Joanna Paszkiewicz and Leon Mellsop
179 Upper Salthill, Galway
+353 91 501007